Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching: CONTEXT: TJ coaching comes in context when leaders are in transition to a new role, culture or life stage. Or they are experiencing some persistent challenges in their personal & professional life. It may manifest as a feeling of stuckness, frustration, boredom or an overwhelming aspiration. Either ways, they seek clarity, resilience & a … More Leadership Coaching

Organization Development

CONTEXT: Leaders, today, are confronted with rapid, unprecedented business & environmental challenges. Current knowledge or past experiences are not enough to navigate in future. Leaders are often alone on the wheel. And their top-teams are often fragmented—representing the functional/ business silos that organizations are stuck into. OUR APPROACH: We believe that the wisdom to transform organizational context … More Organization Development

Sustainable Innovation Labs

Global Sustainability Innovation Labs: CONTEXT: Global developmental efforts to address sustainability challenges often get stuck at institutional & sectoral silos. Leaders world-wide are emphasizing the importance of deeper leadership engagement and cross-sectoral innovations. OUR APPROACH: In partnership with Presencing Institute & MIT, we bring cutting-edge processes for cross-sectoral innovation and systems change. We work with top-leaders … More Sustainable Innovation Labs