Organization Development

CONTEXT: Leaders, today, are confronted with rapid, unprecedented business & environmental challenges. Current knowledge or past experiences are not enough to navigate in future. Leaders are often alone on the wheel. And their top-teams are often fragmented—representing the functional/ business silos that organizations are stuck into.

OUR APPROACH: We believe that the wisdom to transform organizational context lie with people within and it can be best channelized by the top leadership team. We coach the leader & his top team in:

  1. Collectively analyzing & owning the organizational challenges
  2. Overcoming the dysfunctional practices to operate like one team
  3. Co-create a shared vision enrolling whole organization
  4. Rally whole organization in innovation and action learning projects
  5. Be role-models and custodian of new culture


  • Transforming leading German Automobile manufacturing business towards e-mobility (2015-onwards): Coaching a cross-functional, international team of selected business leaders to create innovative solutions and transform the leadership thinking from within to make business future ready by 2025.
  • Post M&A integration of Automotive business in India (2012-2016): Helping CEO, Business head and top-team in resolving conflicts, co-creating a integrated top-team focused on sustaining business growth. After 6 months intervention, business reported 84% employee engagement score (highest in the whole business group) indicating leaders commitment to business results. Business indicators are also on expected track
  • Co-creating a culture of service excellence with Sales organization of leading Anglo-Dutch FMCG company (2006-7): Coached  business head and top team in: cultural diagnosis to articulate the underlying assumptions leading poor customer service, enrolled key stakeholders into a critical mass, engage entire office (110+) in re-imagining the service excellence future. Project led to highest customer satisfaction score (among 4 regions) and record sales of Rs 255 cr.
  • Coaching founder and 4 CEOs of a social business enterprise group in re-discovering groups future in midst of industrial crisis and internal fragmentation (2010-12). Over 18 months core team underwent series of visioning, future scenario-building workshops and leadership coaching. After 1st phase of work core team reported increase in their engagement with eachother, no. of joint-enterprise products launched; cost saving efforts; innovative fund raising etc. In business terms- 3 out of 4 enterprises closed their accounts at surplus.

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