Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching:

CONTEXT: TJ coaching comes in context when leaders are in transition to a new role, culture or life stage. Or they are experiencing some persistent challenges in their personal & professional life. It may manifest as a feeling of stuckness, frustration, boredom or an overwhelming aspiration. Either ways, they seek clarity, resilience & a new sense of purpose.

OUR APPROACH: We work as cotravellers in leader’s inner journey while practicing depth-coaching framework based on 4 aspects:

  • Awareness: We explore leader’s current challenges in their life’s context and identify past patterns of stuckness.
  • Acceptance:  Leaders identify their unique gifts, shadow sides and embrace it as part of their whole being.
  • Aspiration: Leaders connect with their soul’s longing and articulate a new empowering vision.
  • Action: We coach them in translating their vision into reality by taking baby-steps and experimenting with the new consciousness.

Leadership Journey workshops: Helping a group of leaders in long-term transformation process. Workshop provides a unique leverage of peer-group learning and support.


  • Coached 17 top leaders of a leading power & steel company over a period of 5 months. Leaders reported significant shift in their personal and professional life leading to business contribution. Example: claiming their power to take up next level leadership, taking up challenging sustainability projects saving company from environmental risks, partnering with external stakeholders to save costs, shifting career plateau by starting an internal coaching laboratory etc
  • Facilitated an yearlong Leadership Journey for high potential leaders group of a leading family business group in India. 3 workshops embedded in personal reflections and field work focusing on personal, business and societal leadership journeys. Engagement score of the group that took Leadership Journey became 21% point higher than rest of the high potential group, reflecting their willingness to stay and strive for excellence in-spite of business challenges
  • Coached a peer group of 6 leaders including a Bank CEO, a organic farmer, 2  entrepreneurs, a senior executive and a facilitator from across 5 countries- US, Brazil,  Germany, Austria & India as part of 2-year leadership development program with MIT & Presencing Institute

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