Sustainable Innovation Labs

Global Sustainability Innovation Labs:

CONTEXT: Global developmental efforts to address sustainability challenges often get stuck at institutional & sectoral silos. Leaders world-wide are emphasizing the importance of deeper leadership engagement and cross-sectoral innovations.

OUR APPROACH: In partnership with Presencing Institute & MIT, we bring cutting-edge processes for cross-sectoral innovation and systems change. We work with top-leaders in different countries across the world on sustainability challenges like agriculture, health, nutrition, climate change etc. We engage leaders across sectors who are passionate about bridging the societal divides in personal & systemic transformation journey (based on U-process):

  1. Co-initiating: with other leaders who share your passion
  2. Co-sensing: Journeying to edges of the system to seek insights from the field
  3. Co-presencing: Reflecting and connecting with your deeper source of inspiration
  4. Co-creating: Transforming inspiration into action by prototyping innovations
  5. Co-evolving: institutionalizing the innovations into the mainstream


  • Project: Multi-Sectoral Partnership to address child malnutrition in India (2006-2012).

Sponsoring organization: Bhavishya Alliance: Unilever-UNICEF-Synergos Institute led partnership between corporations, Government, NGOs & global development agencies

Role: Facilitated partnership dialogues, projects and coached leadership team in building a strong project team leading to effective implementation

Results: 7 successful multi-sector partnership innovation projects leading to new learning. 16 percentile reduction in stunting of children (indicator of child under-nutrition) in 5 target districts.

  • Project: Multi-Sectoral Partnership to develop a network of 1000 grass-root women entrepreneurs promoting green energy products and services (2012-15). Co-deigning a grassroots Women Institute of Learning & Leadership (WILL) (2014-now)

Sponsoring organization: SSP group.

Role: Coaching leaders, Facilitating partnership dialogue, social innovation lab, India-Africa learning & innovation journey

Results (so far): SSP group inner transformation led to winning large grant and successful development of clean-energy entrepreneurial network of 1000+ women. WILL was prototyped over an year leading to 20 village leaders and 6 leadership facilitators. Pilot village leaders demonstrated results that countered the impact of draught and farmer suicides.

  • Agricultural transformation in Ethiopia (2013-now). Working with Ministry of Agriculture, Synergos Institute & Presencing Institute. More information on same:
  • Social Entrepreneur Retreat (2016- now). Working with leading social entrepreneur network to create space where founders and CEOs of leading social enterprises gather to map the current social field and co-create future possibilities. 1st retreat took place in Kochi in August 2016 with 24 Ashoka Fellows from all over India.

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